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Boccia Australia Rankings 2023

Following rankings are based on attendance at the Boccia Australia National Titles held over the 3 years, regardless of their registration as an independent or member of a state team. There were no National Titles held in 2020 or 2021 due to COVID. Points are awarded as follows:

•          1st = 5points

•          2nd= 4 points

•          3rd = 3 points

•          4th = 2 points

•          Remainder = 0.5 points                                                                         


  • Only Australian Athletes are ranked
  • Athletes whose classification is changed are recorded as the class they played in that year, and their points are carried over into the next year. 

Top Ranking Athlets 2023


BC1  Ranked   1 Chris Allerdice (NSW).       2  Dylan Schwartz (ACT).            3 Jessica Hooper (VIC)

BC2 Ranked     1 Scott Elsworth (NSW).      2 Lachlan Kavanagh (Qld)         3 Aaryan Shah (NSW

BC3 Ranked     1 Daniel Michel (NSW).        2 Jameison Leeson (NSW)        3 Spencer Cotie (NSW)

BC4 Ranked     1 Ryan Finn (Qld).                2 JP La Fontaine (Qld)                3 Mohamat Hendricks (ACT)

BC5 Ranked      1 Phil Bates (NSW)             2 Connor Hamlin (NSW)             3 Thomas Robins (Qld)

OPEN Ranked  1 Trina Stewart (Qld)          2 Fiona Porch (NSW)                   3 James Roe (ACT)

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