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High Performance

High performance sport is when an athlete trains and competes at the highest level. For our high performance athletes, the number of training hours varies but is not limited to on court training. A typical training program for our elite athletes includes a comprehensive strength and conditioning program, a recovery program, off court support such as nutrition planning, sports psychology and of course intensive on court work with coaching support.

Athletes in the Paralympic Preparation Program (PPP) receive support from a range of qualified individuals. These include coaches who develop and monitor the training program's of the athletes. Administration staff who arrange logistical support, such as travel details and competition registration. Support is also provided by a broad range of technical staff referred to as the SSSM -  Sports Science and Sports Medicine. This group will be tailored according to the needs of the individual athlete and may include but not be limited to a nutrition expert, a physiotherapist, a sport psychologist, a skills acquisition coach, personal trainer, and maybe even engineering support for equipment.