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What is classification? 
Paralympic sport exists so that athletes with a disability have equal opportunities to compete and be successful in sport. Classification groups athletes who have similar impairments together into classes for competition in their particular sport. Each Paralympic sport has a different classification system.

Each sport specific classification system details the impairment types within their sport. Athletes are required to provide medical documentation for classification that details their impairment type and level of impairment.  There are specific minimal impairment criteria that athletes must meet in order to be eligible for the sport. This is determined through a classification assessment.

For more information on sport-specific classification systems click here.

Why is classification required?
By grouping similar athletes together, an athlete’s disability plays less of an impact on the outcomes of competition. This means that classification helps to allow the fastest, strongest or best athletes in each class to succeed in their sport.

When is classification required?
If you want to compete in Boccia as an athlete with a disability, you must undergo a sports-specific classification assessment and hold a classification class. This isn’t required for general participation or social involvement in Boccia.

Classification Explained - Click here to view video

Who may be eligible for Boccia? 
An athlete who wishes to compete in Boccia must have an eligible impairment.  An example of types of impairments that would could classify someone for Boccia would be:  limb loss or limb deficiency, muscle weakness, hypertonia, ataxia, athetosis or joint restrictions.  

How do I get a classification for Boccia?
To begin your journey to become a classified Boccia athlete you can request a Provisional Classification and Medical Diagnostic Form from Boccia Australia at   This form, a letter from your medical practitioner and a video of you playing Boccia will need to be uploaded to a secure online folder that will be provied by Boccia Australia.   If you have any questions please drop us an email.

 (Note: If you don't meet the minimum requirements for Boccia we can assist in connecting you with Paralympics Australia who can help guide you to other sports that that may be suitable for your particular level of impairment.)

Want to learn more? 
Log on to the Sport Integrity Australia Website to complete the learning:  Classification Fundamentals - a comprehensive education about classification in para-sport. Designed for athletes and support personal participating in competitive sport. 

For Boccia specific classification details click here.