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L2 - Coach Learning & Development - What's next?


Mon 21 Aug 2023 00:15 — Fri 29 Aug 2025 00:15
Boccia Australia - L2 - Coach Learning & Development (2023)

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As you start the next part of your coaching journey it would be good to take some time to understand what the Boccia Australia Performance Pathway is, some of the guiding princiapals that form the structure of the development of our Boccia Athletes and where you fit within the pathway, where your players or athletes fit within the pathway and where you want to take your Boccia Coaching journey. 

In level 2 we will start to broaden the coach learning and development and provide a varitey of learning options and opporutnities that we hope will support you.  Please take the time to read the documents below (click on them to download a copy or read at your leisure) before you start the next modules which include some more Sport Integrity Australia requirements.  Working towards some planning and preparation to deliver coaching and some more Boccia specific learnings, videos and information.

Performance Pathway The Boccia Australia Performance Pathway is being implemented to ensure that we have sustainable programs and continuous growth across the whole pathway for future success. And, for athletes, coaches, ramp operators, families, and support people to have a love of the game.  Click on the LINK to view the Peformance Pathway document.

FTEM The AIS has developed the Foundations, Talent, Elite and Mastery (FTEM) framework to capture different sporting pathways and the Boccia Australia Performance Pathway has embeded the levels of pathway development into our performance plan.  We would encourage you to explore these levels and start to understand how you can incorporate these outcomes in your planning, coaching and outcomes for your players or athletes. Click HERE for more information about FTEM and how it works in the sporting system.

Community of Support is a group of people who have a passion (Boccia Coaches) for something they do and learn how to do it better (Practice) as they interact regularly (the Community).  We have created a Community of Support for Boccia coaches - to network, connect, talk and learn.  You can contact Ken Halliday via email if you would like to join the community.




Boccia Australia’s (BA’s) goal is to see an incremental growth in the number of coaches across the whole of the Boccia Pathway. From Participation at club level, Talent Development and High Perforance at Paralympic level.  To do this we need to ensure that all our pathways are strong, are resourced and have the support systems in place so that everyone can perform at their best. 

We are aiming for an athlete driven, coach supported philosophy, so we need to change the way we deliver coaching and support our coaches.  This means providing a continuous learning environment that ensures that we have coaches in our pathway with a learning mindset.