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Community Officiating Essential Skills Course

Published Thu 04 Apr 2024

Want to learn a bit more about Officiating and get some general skills to support your sport. 

The Australian Sports Commission’s free online Community Officiating Essential Skills Course is live!

Many months in the making, this course was made possible thanks to contribution from officials, participants/athletes, coaches, volunteers, academics, NSO/NSODs and SSAs. It has also been a massive collaborative effort of internal ASC teams.  

Comprised of 7 individual modules, learners receive an award for each and a certificate for completion of the entire course. This new format empowers learners to take control of their own personal growth journey, is accessible and offers the flexibility required of today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

The course is built on a foundation of the Modern Approach to Officiating. It recognises the positive impact officials can have in facilitating quality, safe, enjoyable, and inclusive environments for all participants. It also recognises the vital role that officials play in sport – for the most part, sporting competitions couldn’t go ahead without officials and, on game day the officials significantly impact the environment which enables participants to have great experiences. Officiating is both rewarding and challenging, and the course addresses the importance of protecting the mental wellbeing of officials and empowering them to cope and thrive.

Get on board and see what all the hype is about. This course is not just for new officials. It is for all officials from community through to international. The learning is also invaluable for participants/athletes, coaches, volunteers and sports administrators. Sign up for the Community Officiating Essential Skills Course: