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Jamieson Leeson

Jamieson Leeson


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Date of birth: March 2003

Disciplines: Individual, pairs

Classification: BC3

Past Paralympic Games: Tokyo 2020

Impairment: Physical Impairment - Spinal muscular atrophy

How acquired: Congenital

Residence: Dunedoo, NSW

Occupation: Student, athlete

Started competing: 2018

First competed for Australia: 2019

Sport career highlight: Winning the world championships in the BC3 pairs in 2022

If it is true that you are the company you keep, Jamieson Leeson is a star in the making.

She is from the same country town as champion jockey Hugh Bowman, and plays alongside world champion boccia player Dan Michel.

But Jamieson is also putting in the work to become a sportswoman in her own right, now the world No.2 and together with Dan Michel the world No.1 in the BC3 pairs.

Since being scouted at a school boccia tournament in 2018, Jamieson has improved out of sight. On the court, she has won a collection of medals, including most recently a gold and bronze at the Montreal World Cup, and off the court, she says that she has become a better person because boccia has taught her to persevere.

For Jamieson, becoming a Paralympian is about more than the opportunity to represent her country - as incredible as she knows that will be. She also hopes to use the platform it creates to inspire others who have hopes and dreams similar to the ones she held not all that long ago.

Jamieson, whose spinal muscular atrophy was diagnosed when she was 18 months old, is not only facing the prospect of competing at her second Paralympic Games next year, but also studying a Bachelor of Economics full-time at the University of New South Wales.