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L2 - Coach Learning & Development (Module 4) Competition Manipulation & Sports Betting


Fri 21 Jul 2023 00:30 — Thu 31 Jul 2025 00:30
Boccia Australia - L2 - Coach Learning & Development (2023)

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Registration for this course closes at Thu 31 Jul 2025 23:59.

Module 4 - Competition Manipulation and Sports Betting

While we all love the competitive nature of sport there are rules and regulations about how we can offer information about your athletes' and any competition that they are competing in.  

This e-learning program is designed to help you understand what Comptition Manipulation and Sports Betting is, its consequences, how to regognise it and report it.

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Boccia Australia’s (BA’s) goal is to see an incremental growth in the number of coaches across the whole of the Boccia Pathway. From Participation at club level, Talent Development and High Perforance at Paralympic level.  To do this we need to ensure that all our pathways are strong, are resourced and have the support systems in place so that everyone can perform at their best. 

We are aiming for an athlete driven, coach supported philosophy, so we need to change the way we deliver coaching and support our coaches.  This means providing a continuous learning environment that ensures that we have coaches in our pathway with a learning mindset.